an incentive for personal change

The purpose of this site is to help you make positive changes in your life in terms of overcoming negative and developing positive habit patterns and attitudes.

Before any further explanation of the concept, below is a 1st definition of the term "habit" to be considered in the present context:

Definition 1: An unconsciously adopted or innate repeated pattern of mental attitude or physical behaviour which manifests in seemingly automated manner and not as a result of a conscious choice

Within above defintion the party concerned often becomes aware only after the automated pattern has already started, is being manifested or even has come to an end.

Each and every one of us can think of such habit patterns of his own. While we may actually consider some of them to be useful and positive, in most cases there is also the other side of the coin. We see other patterns which we are not particularly happy with or even dislike and hate in ourselves.

For instance, we might be short-tempered and get easily angry with our family and friends, hurting them either with speech or action often unjustified. Though we often feel sorry about our behavior aftermath and are willing to undo the consequences, it is not always easy to do so. We would actually prefer to have never acted out of that particular patter in the first place.

Here is a second definition of the same term from slightly different perspective:

Definition 2: The result of a conscious decision where through intentional and disciplined repetition of a particular desired mental attitude or physical behaviour, it evolves into an automated pattern

It is obvious that the 2nd definition accentuates the case when we are willing to develop habits which we currently do not have but think would be beneficial if we had them. A good example might be a situation where a person is not in good physical shape and wants to habituate himself into doing a number of push ups each and every day.